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We are fortunate that we have lots of repeat visitors to Las Palmeras.  Many consider it to be a second home and we’re delighted to share it with like-minded people.  But we've put this page together for any First Timers considering staying at the villa.


There are some aspects of staying in Las Palmeras which we don’t consider to be contractual, but which, for many, really enhance their holiday.


This page will hopefully give you an insight into how people treat the villa and why they keep coming back.  We do ask our visitors for a £250 security deposit in case of any breakages – but in 8 years of renting the villa out – we’ve never needed to hold any funds back from anyone.  It seems everyone treats the villa with the respect they treat their own homes. 


Pool toys

There are usually a variety of lilos, pool dinghies, doodles etc that are left by guests.  Please feel free to use them - they’re usually left in the garage.  But if you break any of them, please replace with something similar.  There’s a great little gift shop in Addaia.


Grocery cupboard

There’s a dry goods cupboard that usually has a good selection of herbs and spices, pasta, tinned beans, olive oil, cooking oil, balsamic and sherry vinegar, tinned tomatoes, paella rice, tea, coffee, honey, salt, pepper etc etc.  Again, please feel free to use what you find but replace with something similar or comparable when you next visit a supermarket.  The little food store in Addaia is remarkably well stocked.  In terms of the fridge and freezer, we tend to tell the cleaners to throw away any opened ingredients, but you may be lucky to find a few fresh bits and pieces.  Please don’t consider them someone else left overs . . . if they are not to your taste, simply throw them away.  Speaking from personal experience I’ve loved finding a few surprise items I that I might not have bought myself.


Internet connectivity, TV and Music

We have fast wifi (50Mgbs) in the villa.  Networks are ‘Las Palmeras’ and ‘Las Palmeras Ghz’.  Password details are in the Villa Manual.


We also have IPTV which delivers some 70+ channels on the TV (instructions for access are in the Villa Manual). 


In addition there is a Chromecast dongle in the villa which means you can access and control the content of the TV from practically any apple or android device.  There are also a range of cables in the villa if you prefer. 


In terms of music/radio – there is a Bose speaker system with a iPhone 4 – 7 connector.   From here you can access your own music library or radio from a pre-downloaded app.


Finally – there are about 30 or so DVD’s – but we’ve stopped buying these since we’ve had IPTV installed.

Please leave all connectors, dongles etc. in the villa when you leave.

Suntan lotion and mosquito spray

By the outside terrace there’s a box which people tend to leave their unused lotions and potions.  Please feel free to help yourself.  We clear this out each year so all should be ‘in date’ – but we’re not liable blah blah . . .



Above the fridge is a stash of night light candles – they add such a lovely tone to an evening.   Please feel free to use – but if they’re running out, please see if you can stock up so others following you can enjoy.


Hair Dryers

In each room.  :-)


Beach towels

Not provided as standard, but if you let us know when you book, we can arrange for the Management Company to provide.  They’ll liaise with you to pay them directly.



We enjoy our tucker and they have some great produce over here.  So the kitchen has a good range of cookbooks.    The kitchen itself is pretty well stocked in terms of equipment.  And then, there’s the wood burning oven outside too.  Fab for pizza and paella.



Wonderfully eclectic mix of books in the sitting room.  Please borrow, swap, take home if you haven’t finished – just leave a suitable swap.



Not something you necessary put top of the packing list . . . but the views are so great at the villa, and it’s such fun watching the coming and goings of all the boats in the Marina, so we’ve provided a decent pair of binoculars for you to borrow.  Enjoy.


Caps and bags

Can’t have too many in my opinion so there are a selection around the villa for you to borrow if you need. Please leave behind . . . I've had some nice bags go 'walkabout' - not a nice feeling :-(


Picnic and cool boxes

In the laundry room there’s a selection of these.  Very useful if you’re heading for the beach, out on the water, or just to the supermarket.  Please feel free to use.



Bit of a request here.  We like a comfy cushion – so there are a good selection of cushions for the outside dining table and terrace chairs. . . . could you please bring them in or stow them each evening so the dew doesn’t deteriorate them – just as you would at home.  Thanks. 



There are 3 or 4 extra fans in the garage . . . with the AC you probably won’t need them . . . but if you need an extra draft, please feel free to use. 


Beach chairs and rocking chairs

Previous guests have bought and left some beach chairs.  Those low ones that sit on the sand but support your back.  They are under the corner table in the garage . . . please dig them out if you want to borrow.  And most guests seem to love the Directors Rocking Chairs . . .  just don't tip yourself into the pool!

Kids stair gate

In the garage - please use if you want.



If you check out the Curiosities page you’ll see there are a number of unusual items in the villa.  They are old and original and precious to us.  If any get damaged – do tell us.  We’d hate to find out from the cleaners who do a good check after every departure.   After all it’s only stuff and can probably be fixed.  Thanks.

A post card home

We've also left a small supply of pre-stamped post cards for you.  If you've enjoyed the villa, send a couple to your friends - they might enjoy the villa too:-)  The yellow post box is just outside the souvenir shop at the top of Addaia.


We hope this page gives you a sense of how people treat our villa.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we, and they, do.   

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